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Effective and efficient communication
in academia and beyond


Do you find it difficult getting your message across? Do you not always get the response you had expected? Do you find it difficult to deal with misunderstanding and moreover conflict? Interestingly enough the manner in which people react to what others have to say depends on the way in which the message is brought across and how receptive people are to receive this communication. In other words it depends on the behaviour and communication style we express when communicating. Apart from our personality, these are determined by the context we operate, our culture and background. Getting insight into these aspects, and knowing when to communicate in which manner, help us to communicate in an effective manner and prevent miscommunication. 

This course will focus on:

  • The different communication styles

  • What your predominant communication styles are

  • How to communicate in an effective way

  • How to solve and prevent miscommunication.

After this training you will be able to:

  • Listen actively and have positive interaction

  • Give and receive feedback effectively

  • Identify communication styles and interactive patterns

  • Present your message in a clear and effective way

  • Identify and handling miscommunication and conflicts

The course consists of a combination of lectures, discussions, exercises and role-plays

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This course has been specially developed for PhDs and Postdocs and is currently carried out 2 times a year as a permanent part of the PhD and Postdoc programme of Wageningen University.For more information: Effective and Efficient Communication 

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