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Competence Assessment for PhD's

Provides insight into the extent to which you have the competencies and skills needed to effectively obtain a PhD and, failing that, how these can be developed.

Earning a PhD degree requires a variety of skills, competencies, and qualities of the PhD candidate. The assessment focuses on competencies that are relevant in science, such as organized ability, analytical thinking, cooperation and personal characteristics. It is a means by which PhD candidates can identify potential pitfalls while conducting their PhD, how to address them and how to improve their competencies and skills to get the most out of their PhD training. Note that this is not a judgmental evaluation of the candidate.

This assessment:

Gives PhD candidates insight into their personal strengths and pitfalls with regard to meeting the requirements to obtain a PhD in the given period of 4 years

Provides insight into the possibilities to overcome the pitfalls

Enables PhD students to formulate a more tailored training program related to the areas that need attention

The PhD candidate is advised to share the assessment report with the supervisor(s) because he or she can support them in providing the right guidance.


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This assessment is an individual program and can be done both online and in person.
Immediately after your registration, you will receive instructions by e-mail about scheduling your personal assessment.  For more inform
ation, Competence Assessment

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