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Career Development for Postdocs - “Science and the Alternatives


This insightful course helps Postdocs assess their future career path. Questions that will be adressed:

What are my main drives/ambitions in my life and career? Do I have what it takes to realise my professional ambitions? If not, how can I develop my competencies? Which alternatives might suit me?



- An individual career assessment, which gives insight into your personality and competencies

- A two-day training (can be given in English or Dutch) focusing on different strategies to determine a

  career path

- Individual career coaching on how to finalize your action plan and put it into practice.



- You will be able to look at yourself from different perspectives: personality, competencies and work       values

- You will obtain an overview of your academic career opportunities and alternative career choices

- You will be able to present yourself in an effective way

- You will learn the art of networking through exercises

- You will draw up an action plan.

More information

This course is for people in postdoc positions who want to orientate for their next career move. This process is currently being carried out twice a year as a fixed component in the Postdoc program at Wageningen University.

Click for more information:  Career Development Postdocs

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