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Effective Behaviour - “Being effective in professional surroundings”


A practical training course that teaches participants to enhance their attitude, behaviour and position in their professional environment. Assertiveness, drawing boundaries and improving communication skills make up the pillars of this training.



- 4-day training course (can be given in English or Dutch) in which participants practise interpersonal

  behaviour, including how to handle difficult (work) situations, as well as giving and receiving feedback

- One-on-one coaching sessions, focusing on individual questions and objectives.



- Insight into own behaviour

- Learning new behaviour

- Defining objectives for effective behaviour.

More information

This course is for anyone who wants to learn to use the power of effectiveness to be successful in both his/her professional and personal life. The process is currently being carried out three times a year as a permanent part of the PhD program at Wageningen University. 

Click for more information:  Effective Behaviour

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