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Career Perspectives - “Defining and taking your next career step


A hands-on training course that helps participants define:

- What am I looking for in my future career

- What can I offer (employers)

- How to handle different styles of job seeking / job interviews.



- Administering of personality test and 360 degree feedback competency test

- Intake/discussion of test results provides insight into the participant’s personality and competencies

- 5-day training (can be given in English or Dutch) during which all aspects of job searches and

  job applications can be practised.



- Insight into strengths and weaknesses

- Insight into job opportunities

- Handles for effective self-presentation

- Formulation of goals for next career step.

More information

This course is for anyone who is looking for a job and/or has career questions.
The process is currently being carried out 4 times a year as a permanent part of the PhD program at Wageningen University and is useful for students / PhD students in the final phase of their studies.

Click for more information:  Career Perspectives

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